Home > News > Rain, wind, and a collapsed tent: Vancouver Word on the Street Round-up

Inside the kids’ tent, craft supplies and paper and small books whirled with rain. The poetry tent collapsed. The poets wandered with hoods on, searching for refuge. Over at the PRISM table, we were spared the gusting winds, but the rain funneled down tent edges onto back issues. Difficult decisions were made: sacrificial copies propped up in the wet to preserve the ones below. Tables were shuffled back to avoid the rain, leaving valiant visitors directly under the tent’s drip line. Concerned volunteers offered hot chocolate.

But we had a great time anyway! People crowded onto a steamed-up bus to hear George McWhirter read Homero Aridjis’ “La Historia del Viento” first in Spanish followed by his translation. If you missed it on Sunday, watch for it in the upcoming PRISM issue.