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Anna, Leah, Jen and Sierra (along with outgoing PRISM editors) are so excited to announce that PRISM 50.4 SUMMER 2012 is now available! In this issue, check out the winners of our Fiction and Poetry Contests: Fiction winners Josie Sigler, Susan Mersereau, and Andrew Forbes chosen by our judge Jessica Grant, and Poetry winners Susan Steudel, Kyeren Regehr and Patricia Young by our judge Jen Currin. There’s also mind-bending fiction by Alexander Weinstein, and new poems from Jared Harel, Meredith Quartermain, Daniel Zomparelli, Stevie Howell and Nathaniel G. Moore. And that tube of toothpaste on the new cover? Part of photographer Mandy Barker‘s series on the plastic debris suspended in the Pacific Gyre.

Pick up your copy at our online store here!