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The PRISM editors arecover_2013 proud to congratulate this year’s Pushcart Prize nominees! From slugs to glaciers, vintage video games to undelivered text messages, we’ve selected some of our favourite work from recent issues to be considered for the best of the small presses. Flip through your back issues and refresh your memory about the amazing work of the following contributors:

“Ice Diaries” by Jean McNeil
(Creative non-fiction – Issue 50:3, Spring 2012)

“Ms. Pacman” by Josie Sigler
(Fiction – Issue 50:4, Summer 2012)

“Dandelion” by Sherry Wong
(Creative non-fiction – Issue 51:1, Fall 2012)

“Houdini” by Kirby Wright
(Drama – Issue 51:1, Fall 2012)

“Slug Populations” by Esther Mazakian
(Poetry – Issue 51:1, Fall 2012)

“Grand Vals” by Ben LaDouceur
(Poetry – Issue 51:1, Fall 2012)

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