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by Andrea Hoff, Executive Editor

Tasmania Mag

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow in Tasmania, Australia to present my new work in graphic non-fiction. On the second night of the festival an event called Meet the Magazines had a packed crowd of writers, readers, publishers, and editors gathered in the Hobart Book Shop. Representatives from ten of Australia’s leading literary journals were there—networking, talking about writing, and sharing insights about the magazine industry.

To start the night off, acclaimed Australian author Danielle Wood stepped up to the microphone and gave an impassioned address about the importance of literary journals—not as a stepping-stone in your writing career but as a measure of vitality in the writing community. She dismissed the common critique that literary journals are only read by other writers, stating writers are the most avid readers so it’s only natural they would be reading journals with cutting edge fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Wood spoke about the importance of literary journals as a meeting ground between established and emerging writers and heralded the short narrative length of magazine content as its own genre of writing.

She then handed the stage over to the magazines, stating, “Everyone has sixty seconds or six words to describe your literary journal. If you go over the time limit not only will I interrupt but I’ve been told your magazine will be de-funded by the Australian Council.” To this the room erupted in laughter and applause. Humorous as it was, her comment made me think how similar the response would be in Canada–how many ideas, passions, and challenges we share in the wide (wild) world of literary publishing.

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