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The wait is over! We can now announce the winners of this year’s Creative Non-fiction Contest, as selected by judge Timothy Taylor:

  • Grand Prize: “Reunion,” by Re’Lynn Hansen
  • 1st Runner-up: “Almost-Home,” by Julia Zarankin
  • 2nd Runner-up: “Notes on Breath,” by Jenny Boychuk

In his remarks on the winners, Taylor said: “In ‘Notes on Breath’, a difficult set of family relationships is unwoven and revealed in the process of an episodic meditation on breathing. ‘Almost-Home’ surprises in its own way, weaving the memories of an only half-remembered place of birth into the emigration story of the author’s parents. And in ‘Reunion’, the annual gatherings of a group of school friends is unpacked in all its human complexity, showing those present to be involved in both a celebration of life as it has been lived and as it is sometimes only sketchily remembered, at the same time as being a kind of mourning vigil for those who’ve passed on. Here the memoir form is elevated, and the story speaks importantly outward and into the world.”

You can read the rest of Taylor’s comments, along with the three winning essays, in our Spring issue. Congratulations to the winners!

(And in case you’re working on fiction or poetry, you have until Thursday, January 23, to enter those contests. Don’t delay! Click here to submit.)