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Have you read a small Canadian literary magazine lately? If not, you’re missing out! Below are some more of my favourite stories from fall issues of Canadian lit mags. I’m reading the winter issues right now, so stay tuned for more.

Grain, Issue 41.1

“The Patron Saint of Lamborghinis” by Molly Lynch: A young woman navigates the intense sexual politics of a remote Northern work camp in this vibrant and original short story.

“The Laurel Whalen” by Matt Rader: A brief, startling story about a man who is sleeping with his friend’s wife. A meditation on grief, guilt, and moral responsibility.

Prairie Fire, Issue 34.4

“The Book about the Bear” by John O’Neil: A man who does autopsies on dead wildlife for a living discovers a ringing cellphone in the stomach of a bear who ate a hapless hiker. Fresh, darkly funny, and unexpectedly poignant.

“The Yegg Boy” by Joan M. Baril: A bureaucrat evaluating a century-old Ontario school for heritage status discovers a child was murdered in the building decades earlier and sets out to find the killer. Strongly plotted, extremely readable, and touching.

“Water on Fire” by Caroline Sutton: A non-fiction piece about the author’s father, who served on a warship in the Pacific during World War II. A rare and memorable glimpse into the private world of a young man who’s life was upended by the unimaginable realities of war.

Room, Issue 36.4

“Five-Day Forecast” by Sarah L. Johnson: A lonely young woman befriends a latch key kid who frequents the playground across from her apartment. A thoughtful piece on isolation and the legacy of childhood trauma.