Jody Smiling’s childhood road trips through the rockies

In her haunting and lyrical essay “Through the Rockies,” Jody Smiling uses her memory of a family drive through Alberta’s Kananaskis Country as a jumping off point for a reflection on romance, human connection, and the legacy of loss. Smiling was kind enough to share these stunning family photos, actually digitized versions of old slides, taken in Western Canada when she was a child.


According to Smiling, the above photo was probably taken on the site of the Hope Landslide. As mentioned in the piece, Smiling’s father scared his rowdy children into silence by suggesting their chatter might trigger another slide. Smiling is the child in the red sweater.

0059This photo shows Smiling and her family in the Canadian rockies. Her mother appears in the foreground wearing “hand-sewn pedal pushers like Liz on the cover of Photoplay,” as Smiling recalls in her essay.

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