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BC Book PrizesCongratulations to former PRISM-er Jordan Abel for winning the 2014 BC Book Prize for poetry! Abel was awarded the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize for his poetry collection The Place of Scraps.

The Place of Scraps revolves around Marius Barbeau, an early-twentieth-century ethnographer, who studied many of the First Nations cultures in the Pacific Northwest, including Jordan Abel’s ancestral Nisga’a Nation. Drawing inspiration from Barbeau’s canonical book Totem Poles, Through the use of erasure techniques, Abel carves out new understandings of Barbeau’s writing.

Jordan Abel is a First Nations writer who lives in Vancouver. Abel is an editor for Poetry is Dead magazine and the former poetry editor for PRISM international and Geist. His work has been published in many journals and magazines across Canada, and in early 2013, above/ground Press published his chapbook Scientia.

PRISM contributor Jennica Harper was also a finalist for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize for her collection, WoodYou can also check out some of Harper’s poetry in PRISM’s 49.2 issue.

In her third collection, Wood, Harper deftly inhabits the lives of sons and daughters, fathers and mothers — Pinocchio tries to make his father proud in a tempting world of sex and vice. Bess Houdini, married to the world’s greatest magician, conjures the children she’ll never have. Mad Men’s Sally Draper, daughter of a philandering genius, grows up desperately trying to both defy her father and become him.

Jennica Harper writes for TV and film, as well as being a poet. Her three published collections of poetry – WoodThe Octopus and Other Poems and What It Feels Like For a Girl – have gotten outstanding reviews and her poetry has been awarded a Silver National Magazine Award. Jennica holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and a BA in English from the University of Toronto.

For the full list of BC Book Prize finalists and winners go to: www.bcbookprizes.ca/winners/2014