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We know that you’ve been waiting with bated breath, so we’ll end the suspense. Here are the winners of PRISM international‘s 2015 Creative Non-Fiction contest, as chosen by judge Charles Demers.

  • Grand prize: “Doughnut Eaters” by Diane Bracuk
  • 1st Runner-Up: “Sea Salt” by Sarah Mitchell
  • 2nd Runner-Up: “The Generation After” by Ann Cavlovic

About the winning pieces, Charles Demers said: “Each of these winning submissions traces over that most inscrutably familiar tangle of relationships: the family. In ‘The Generation After,’ we see the way that the vagaries and accidents of geography and history can work to reverse the dynamics between mothers and daughters; in ‘Sea Salt,’ it’s the erosive effects of sibling rivalry twisted through the prism of mutual incomprehension, and the love and pain that drives us to overcome them. Finally, in the ‘The Doughnut Eaters’—my choice for first place—we’re reminded that sometimes our families withhold from us the very things which we most need; but that, in the right (or wrong) circumstances, this absence can be the source of strength and salvation. But not without cost.”

You can read the rest of Charles’ essay, along with the three winning pieces, in our Spring issue 53.3. Congratulations to the winners!