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Everybody has their favourite writers, the ones that they love to read, and occasionally want to be. And we have the writers that we can’t stand, that we don’t understand or just straight out hate their style.

I’m all about turning negativity into positivity (like my previous prompts on turning procrastination into productivity, or aimless internet browsing into inspiration). So this week’s prompt is about just that.

Think about those writers that you can’t read. This works much better with 1) authors whose work you have actually read and 2) classic, well established or best-selling authors. This is because it’s much more interesting and also fairer.

Now write out ten reasons why. These reasons should be reasonable (ie. not because you hate the book covers or paper quality) and focus on craft, on language, structure, character – what really makes a piece of writing.

Once you’ve gotten those down, write a response. This can be a poem, or in prose. Rather than writing a summary of what you dislike, try and write on the same subject or tone, but in your own style.

Good luck!