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exit-changesMore often than not, I find myself writing in the same places. The routine can be nice, especially to establish an association for my brain. Hey Brain, we’re at a coffee shop. That means work, yo. (Because I like to talk to myself like Jesse Pinkman.) I am, unfortunately, a monster of habit, a hater of change, a lover of music references slipped into blog titles.

Point being, like my life, I find my characters and poems in the same settings over and over again. Write what you know, right? But if these characters are in identical settings, doesn’t that mean that other aspects of the story are likely similar? I think so. It means they might have similar backgrounds, which influences the way they interact with the world. I don’t want to keep telling the same story five different ways, and it seems like sometimes I do. Got to keep things fresh, yo.

So this week’s writing prompt is about identifying your pattern(s) and mixing it up. You can take the opposite route, if you want: if you always have the city as a setting, choose the countryside instead. And if you’re thinking, Hey! I don’t know anything about that, so how can I possibly write it? that’s what the internet is for. Leave blanks or highlight areas you don’t know and keeping writing. If the opposite route doesn’t sound like your jam, maybe make one small change and see how it affects the story (or poem even). Choose a different profession and see how that impacts your character’s personality and view of the world.

Whatever you do, change it up, yo, and have fun!