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8e91e73d_oWe’re one week away from launching our Fall issue 54.1 and we couldn’t be more excited to offer you a small simple of the hot content we’ve got this issue. 

Vincent Pagé has two poems in this issue and has had his work appear recently in Event and Geist.

What’s got us all hot and bothered about Pagé’s work? His poems are rich with imagery, fresh language, and surprise the reader with each carefully crafted line.


whisper my fetishes to you from the opposite shore
of a frozen lake to see if you can hear them?
Send smoke signals back to ten-four?

I promise to wash my cumrags weekly.

There was this conversation today:
Occam’s razor as case for Christianity
so lately I’ve been thinking of selling my organs.

Need towels,
a tub of ice.

The light here makes things look like L.A.

Someone told me the Segway
is the way of the future
so I started thinking of my dad dying

but ate some birthday cake instead.

Darling, tell me, how many more times
will I open the oven with my glasses on?
At what point does martyrdom begin to pay off?

Darling, remember that time I could only speak
one sentence at a time?

It’s happening again.



Vincent Pagé’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Event, The Malahat
Review, Geist, and Plenitude. He lives in Toronto.