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541_storeIt’s been a very busy past couple weeks for PRISM: Word Vancouver is in two days and just in time to launch our Fall Issue 54.1!

We have so many reasons to be excited about this issue: it’s the first of four issues to come from the “new” (we already feel well-seasoned) editors, Dominique Bernier-Cormier, Christopher Evans, Jennifer Lori, and Claire Matthews; “Umbrella on Fire” is a blend of emerging and familiar voices; and our hot cover art is courtesy of Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco. Yes, that umbrella really was on fire for the photo shoot!

We teased you last week with a taste of Vincent Pagé’s poem “Why Don’t I” and Pagé continues to deliver with his second poem “Lately I’ve Been Drinking Nyquil”. We also gave you a sample of Sophie Rosenblum’s flash fiction, but you’ll find two more of her flash pieces in this issue.

As mentioned earlier, emerging writers have a strong presence in this issue: fiction by Megan Callahan and Jessica Block, and poetry by Teresa Plana. We’re happy to publish them next to such writers as Jon Paul Fiorentino and Tanis MacDonald.

We’re also excited to have two poems by Nathan Curnow, a past editor of Going Down Swinging, an Australian online magazine who we do monthly content swaps with. Going Down Swinging recently featured Carleigh Baker’s memoir “Dinner with the Vittrekwas” found in the magazine’s molten core. Should I switch to umbrella puns now?

There’s so much more great work in this issue that we really think you should just check it out for yourselves. You can get it here and you can save the hassle and some money of buying individual copies of the upcoming issues after you’re wowed by all the amazing content, and get a subscription here.

Don’t forget to come say hi to us at Word Vancouver! Weather permitting, we’ll be out on Homer Street offering issue 54.1 at a reduced rate! Not only can you get it before all your friends, but also at a steal of a deal! And bring your umbrella just in case!