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IMG_0842It seems like the more months, weeks, and days that pass, the more months, weeks, and days are dedicated to things. August 9th is apparently Book Lover Day (though I would argue that’s every night before bed), April is Poetry Month, and I just learned that May is Short Fiction Month, which all made me think, What about Creative Non-fiction? Where’s the love? In a tweet, I joked that November should be Creative Non-fiction Month since nobody likes November. Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, Fall and Winter, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Eggnog Lattes, November doesn’t have much, especially with the often overlooked Remembrance Day.

In an effort to show some love to my favourite genre and an effort that happily coincides with PRISM international’s 2015 Creative Non-fiction Contest deadline (November 20, 2015), PRISM is dedicating November to Non-fiction (and we recognize that we’re not the first and hopefully not the last to do this). We’ve got plenty of great content lined up for your enjoyment: writing prompts from the pros, Magazine Crush Mondays, book reviews, interviews, and a few theatre reviews because there are too many amazing plays going on right now to ignore.

The PRISM Editors welcome you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website to help us celebrate this truly wonderful genre. Hashtag #NonficNovember and/or #CNFMonth and let us know what your favourite Creative Non-fiction books are, why you love the genre too, what you’re really excited about, how you wish this month was a national holiday.