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338559_10151944992235177_1386768730_oWhen I asked Poetry Editor Dominique Bernier-Cormier what he’d like to tease our readers with for our upcoming issue, it seemed like a no-brainer for him. He said, “I’d like to show one of Amanda’s poems. If I read one of those, I’d NEED to read the other two.” Amanda Paananen is a Vancouver-based poet whose work has appeared in pulp magThe Runner, and Misfit Lit. Paananen’s poems are smart and punchy, funny and insightful. When you pick up a copy of 54.2, be sure to check out her other two poems, “I am Bluebeard’s Wife” and “The Colour of Ash”.

“It’s the Chicken Parable”

The Renaissance undoes all this: gravitas,
dignity. Mother puts her finger to the wind
and returns into the sea. There was blue grass,
bread and circuses,

supermodel bones. I consumed them
because I (am a thinking thing) pay the king’s taxes,
while all the pretty faces scrape their tongues
along the ocean floor.

Begin here. In a vacuum-bottle, where the neck
narrows. Sealed between math and morals,
a message to the modern self: there’s no one
left to crucify.

We could mention God, but words will calcify.
I’ve stepped on the shards with an intentional
blink. It’s time to tear apart and shape a cell
the size of the Sun.


PRISM international’s Spring issue 54.2 launches Friday, December 11th! We’re excited to share more great poems and stories with you as well as our unforgettable cover, so stay tuned!