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transformation-tuesday-640x640In honour of #TranformationTuesday, I thought a writing prompt about transformations would be appropriate. This prompt can be approached several ways and depending on the genre.

If you’re writing a poem, write down the word “transformation”. What does it make you think of? If you had to characterize the word with an image, which ones would you choose? Create a mind map a mind map, writing down images and phrases that you associate with transformation. The idea is to focus on image, but also generate lines that’ll hopefully spur you onto a poem or pieces of one.

If you’re writing creative non-fiction, this could be as straightforward as thinking of scenes where you’ve changed or someone you know has transformed. Transformation, or the lack there of, is at the heart of every scene, every piece of writing. So this might still be a little broad for you to focus on. If that’s the case, I’d suggest doing a mind map as well, detailed above, and start out with broad ideas, moving towards honing them in. When have you transformed? When haven’t you? Why? Are there pivotal and engaging moments to reflect this?

And if you’re writing fiction, focus on what needs to happen for your character to transform. You can use the methods above in relation to your story or character(s). Or maybe you want to think about what will happen to your character once this pivotal moment happens. Transformation is a common trope in fantasy, science fiction, and other genre fiction. If that’s what you’re writing and want to move away from that, think about what it is that makes this a trope and how your character/ story is different or can be different.

Happy writing!