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Rachel Rose – Fine Pieces, Finely Wrought (Judge’s Essay)

Non-Fiction Grand Prize Winner

Krista Foss – Choosing Your Poison

Non-Fiction Runners-Up

Richard Kelly Kemick – States of Mind

Olivia Walton – Lineage


Shawn Curtis Stibbards – Shirt

Reneé Bibby – Trick Ride Glory

Mahak Jain – Rohan, Rohan, Rohini!

Jen Currin – After Halloween

Lucas Crawford – The Midnight Lunch Whistle Blows at the Holy Communion Factory

Lauren Kirschner – Rubber Cement


Cassidy McFadzean – Saturnalia; Tender; Holy Wounds

Domenica Martinello – Melusine; Refrain on the Rocks; Refrain on the Rocks

Klara du Plessis – Desire Paths

Allison LaSorda – Natural Crime

Rebecca Salazar – Ring Me; Urban Fauna

Ashley-Elizabeth Best – Alignment

Shane Neilson – Edmundston

Richard P. LaRose – Dream in the Bush While Living on Fish;  Gravitas

Liza Flum – Release

Billy-Ray Belcourt- Sexual History

David Huebert – Selfie

Michael Prior – Sir Realist; Sentry