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Congratulations to the writers shortlisted for the 2017 Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize contest! Check back soon for the winners announcement, chosen by this year’s contest judge, Aisha Sasha John!

2017 Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize Shortlist


“Immersion” by Danielle Janess (Victoria, BC)

“Hypertension” by Junie Desil (Burnaby, BC)

“Homographs” by Chantal Gibson (Vancouver, BC)

“Skins” by Tara Fietz (Victoria, BC)

“Vernacular” by Shuyu Cao (Durham, North Carolona)

“First Communion (1992)” by Ashley Hynd (Kitchener, ON)

unsplash-logoAarón Blanco Tejedor

Congratulations again to all the shortlisted winners! There is still time to submit to the Jacob Zilber Prize for Short Fiction contest (deadline January 15th). Submit now for your chance at the prize money and to have your work read by this year’s judge, Thalia Field!