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REVIEW: Dora: a Headcase
by Lidia Yuknavitch
Hawthorne Books, 2012

Reviewed by Emily Walker

Alright, full disclosure:

Lidia Yuknavitch was my composition professor when I was seventeen and going to community college. She wrote me a rather hyperbolic reference letter to get me into my undergraduate degree, when I transferred to the University of British Columbia. All that aside, I haven’t seen her in about eight years, but Yuknavitch’s literary stock has risen exponentially in that time. She released her unflinching memoir, The Chronology of Water, which broadened her appeal outside of Oregon due to stellar reviews from Stephen Elliott’s pet-project, The Rumpus, and constant promotion by Chuck Palahniuk on his recent book tours. Continue reading REVIEW – DORA: A HEADCASE


REVIEW: A Very Minor Prophet

A Very Minor Prophet
by James Bernard Frost
Hawthorne Books, 2012

Reviewed by Emily Walker

Forget Portlandia—Portlanders have a mantra that informs their actions and activities everyday; KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD. James Bernard Frost’s novel, A Very Minor Prophet, will satisfy the bike-riding, zine reading, Stumptown coffee loving, PBR drinking, subculture that Portlandia has exposed to the masses, but it does something much more important. It shows what Portland is like when Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen aren’t spoofing its hipsters. It shows the real Portland and it’s weirder than even IFC could imagine. Continue reading REVIEW: A Very Minor Prophet

REVIEW: Girlwood

Girlwood By Jennifer Still Brick Books, 2011 Reviewed by Leah Horlick I first encountered Jennifer Still’s nest as a chapbook released by JackPine Press in 2010. Enveloped in a macrame and cross-stitched pouch crafted from 1970s upholstery, Still’s poems...