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How to Annoy a Writer, Part II

In recent e-phemera offerings, I shared Ruth Daniell‘s 10 Ways to Annoy a Poet and a story by Nicole Boyce, both of which were inspired by Rebecca Makkai‘s  hilarious post 14 Ways to Tick Off a Writer. Continuing with Makkai’s theme—“Writers are fun and easy to annoy”—I share with you a little story in which I annoyed a whole room full of lovely older women writers.


This summer, thanks to a generous grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, I spent three months performing research for a novel set in California. One of the first things I needed to know was the history of the area where the novel takes place: a little town called Morgan Hill. I figured that I should learn about the indigenous plants that grew there before humans and their concrete covered the land and, lucky for me, the local library was offering a lecture about just that.

In the lecture, the speaker introduced the “local historian,” an older woman named Beth. I was ecstatic! This was just the person I needed to talk to!

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