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How PRISM Judges Its Literary Contests

By Andrea Hoff, Contest Manager

It’s an exciting time of year at PRISM international! Our non-fiction contest has just wrapped up, and our fiction and poetry contest deadline is fast approaching on January 25 (you still have 10 days to send in your fiction and poetry contest submissions). I thought I’d take a moment to address a question I am often asked: How are the literary contests judged?

We judge on a blind submission basis. As Contest Manager, I receive all the submissions with names and contact information attached. This applies whether you enter online or with a mail-in entry. I then remove the names of the writers from their submissions, and each piece is sent out to a minimum of three first readers. The first readers are all master’s students in the Department of Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. The first readers vote on each piece and submit a written critique of the work.

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PRISM is now accepting online submissions!

That’s right. You heard it here first.

PRISM international is now accepting online submissions!

But waitdidn’t PRISM accept online submissions before?

We did accept online submissions for our contests this past winter. During this time, we experienced a very successful trial run of the Submittable submission manager platform.  We at PRISM international were so impressed that we have decided to accept any and all submissions through Submittable.

Why did PRISM decide to accept online submissions?

In short, we wanted to give our submitters and contributors another way to submit. Continue reading PRISM is now accepting online submissions!