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PRISM 50:1

PRISM 50.1 FALL 2011

“Is Alive and Can Move” by kris bertin
“The Door in the Wall” by Craig Boyko
Why I Read Beowulf” by Shashi Bhat
“Krupkee, on the Molecular Level” by Andrew MacDonald

“The Chair Are Where People Go” by Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti

The Disney Princesses” / “To My Vermiform Appendix” / “To the Belugas Seen Through the Underground Viewing Tank at the Vancouver Aquarium” by Susan Holbrook
“Doing Business With Poets” by Lesley Battler
“Fossil Record” by Peter Chiykowski
“Twenty Reasons to Avoid Thinking” by Carolye Kuchta
“Into a White Space I am Driven and Let Go” / “Ourselves Lit Up” by Jan Conn
“71” / “73” / “94” by Andy Weaver
“Canada Customs Office” by Bert Almon
“La Historia del Viento” / “The History of the Wind” / “Retrato de Mi Padre” / “Portrait of My Father” by Homero Aridjis translated from the Spanish by George McWhirter
“Tuesday” by Dexine Wallbank
“Produce (a snuff film)” / “threadwork” by Annette Lapointe

“dinosaur drawing #17” by Ryan Quast

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