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One Week until PRISM’s Non-fiction Contest Deadline!

By Jeffrey Ricker, Contest Manager

Tick, tick, tick… that’s the sound of PRISM‘s creative non-fiction contest deadline rapidly approaching! You have until Thursday, November 28 to submit your entry.

You may be wondering, what happens to my entry after I hit the Submit button (or drop the envelope in the mailbox)? I’m glad you asked! Let me tell you:

  1. Submittable sends me an email letting me know that a new entry has been received.
  2. I do a little dance of joy.
  3. I log into Submittable and assign category flags to the entry.
  4. Repeat steps one through three until the contest deadline.
  5. After the deadline: count up all the contest entries and determine how many each of our readers will review. (Previous step: hector, harass, and cajole as many writers as possible to volunteer to read for our contest.)
  6. Assign entries to contest readers. Each entry is read and voted on by at least three people. All judging is done blind—which means that no one knows who wrote what they’re reading. This also means that, as contest manager, I don’t have a say in the judging, because someone has to keep track of who wrote what. (That someone would be me.)
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