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Where I’m Reading PRISM #5

In this instalment of “Where I’m Reading PRISM,” we’re switching it up to “Where I’m Reading for PRISM.”

In August, PRISM international had the pleasure of participating in The Summer Dreams Literary Festival in Vancouver, BC. The event was hosted by Pandora’s Writing Collective and was an excellent way to connect with Vancouver’s many talented poets and writers. Our reader for the event was Jordan Abel – local writer, poet, and past PRISM editor. Here are some pictures from his stellar reading and a glimpse at the cover of his new book The Place of Scraps, published by Talonbooks.

Jordan Abel_photo 1

Jordan Abel discussing the finer points of literary publishing with PRISM’s Prose Editor Jane Campbell and Executive Editor Andrea Hoff.

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Review: “Maleficium” by Martine Desjardins

MaleficiumMaleficium, by Martine Desjardins
Talon Books

Reviewed by Daniel McDonald

Martine Desjardins’ Maleficium—as translated by Fred A. Reed and David Homel—prefaces itself with a “Cautionary Note to the Reader,” warning that the unholy contents of the book will no doubt disturb us. The book is framed as a series of transcribed confessions to the Vicar Savoie in one of Montreal’s Catholic churches some time in the early 1900s. Savoie, by transcribing the depraved confessions he hears, violates the Holy Oath he’s taken in a serious enough way for the Church to apparently threaten anyone associated with its publication, including its readers, to excommunication. Pretty scandalous stuff, it would seem, but after reading Maleficium‘s eight short chapters, the warning seems to bear about as much weight as it would if applied to this review.

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