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PRISM 53.2 Winter 2015

“Naked in a Dirty Lake” by Charlotte Bondy
“Graduation” by Amanda Leduc
“King Arthur on Fire” by Mark Jordan Manner
“The Date” by Sarah Meehan Sirk

“An Infrequent Flyer Looks Down”, “Breach”, “Lacunae”, “A Guide to Modern Verse”, and “Swept Away” by Robyn Sarah
“Flying” by Don Coles
“The afternoon before the clocks turn back” by Alice Major
“Reflections on a Perceived Moment of Solitude” by Stephen Brockwell
“Shift” by Stephanie Yorke
“Mary, at home, thinking on things” by Pamela Mordecai
“Picking Blackberries With My Daughter” and “Jail” by Russell Thornton
Tar Songs: Maestro” and “Tar Songs: In the Mines of Mordor” by Laurelyn Whitt
“Grief” by Susan Alexander
“De Facto” by Rocco de Giacomo

“Correctives” by Liz Windhorst Harmer
“Hornets” by Ayelet Tsabari
Warren” by Trisha Cull

“Reading Seamus Heaney” by Marina Moretti, translation by Patricia Hanley

“Ice Dreams VII” by Paul Zizka

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