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George Elliott Clarke – A Very Healthy Endeavour

Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize Grand Prize Winner

Jordan Mounteer – The Reclamation of the Larches

Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize Runners-Up

Elizabeth Ross – Toronto Moms Group

Laisha Rosnau – Chaff


Jessica Block – Call and Response

Elly Graff – How to Castrate a Cat

Hiromi Goto – And the Moon Spun Round Like a Top

Matthew Hooton – The Great & Amazing Disappearing You

Connie Pan – Fish Heads


Libby King – This West Coast Wood

Emily McKibbon – Cowboy Monkey Rodeo

Jessica Bebenek – For J


Jake Byrne – Three Poems

Aaron Boothby – Westerlies

Sonnet L’Abbé – Three Poems

Jan Conn – Two Poems

Emily Nilsen – Two Poems

Chelsea Dingman – Crows in Market Square

Megan Jones – Hijack

Adam Gregory – Two Poems

Adrian Ngai – Sinter