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PRISM 45.1 FALL 2006

“The Princess Diaspora” by Sheree-Lee Olson
“The Advanced Pilates Tickle Trunk” by Elsie Moser
“It’s a Long Dang Life” by April Wilder
“Trade” by Jeff Kochan
“Cheerleaders” by Jim Kennedy
“The RPM of Wolves” by Mark Anthony Jarman

“Daylight: Saving” / “Take Measure” by Tanis MacDonald
“Variation on a Theme by Lyn Hejinian” by Kate Hall
“Indifferent Season” by Emilia Nielsen
from “Winter, Frontal Lobe” by Brecken Rose Hancock
“Lullaby for Small” / “The Moment” / “Tulip” by Anna Swanson
“Quantum Leap” / “Gravitational Waves” by Mari-Lou Rowley
“Big East Lake” by Sue Sinclair
Louis Riel” / “Nonetheless” by Rocco de Giacomo
“at coal harbour” by ken cathers
“Tattoo” by Josh Rathkamp
“Him” by John Barton
“Horse Latitudes of the Atlantic (Malinche travels home)” by Erin Knight
Save the Tiger” by Robert Colman