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PRISM 54:1 FALL 2015

“Jonny Did Not Want to Participate in the Panel” by Jon Paul Fiorentino
“Oskar’s Feet Get Wet” by Joe Davies
“Husband Wife Lover” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
“Chung Hee”, “One Page May Hide Another” by Sophie Rosenblum
“Speak!” by Emil Ostrovski
“Robin and Doug” by Jessica Block
“The Day We Buried Augustus” by Megan Callahan

“Dinner with the Vittrekwas” by Carleigh Baker
“Fight and Flight” by Chris Donahoe

“Why Don’t I”, “Lately I’ve Been Drinking NyQuil” by Vincent Page
“Stella for Star”, “Tin” by Tanis MacDonald
“Black Sea Nettle”, “Division” by Dani Couture
“Arrows Arrows Heart”, “Swimming (my lane)” by Nathan Curnow
“Dominoes” by Teresa Plana
“Birding in Wolfville” by Stevie Howell
“Come and Measure a New Self” by Jessi MacEachern
“a pair in theses” by Kyle Kinaschuk
“Elegy in Apalachian”, “The Birthday Party” by Adam Day
“Plastic Surgeon Song” by John Wall Barger
“Squawking Penguin Poem” by David Romanda

“The Fiery Umbrella” by Oleg Oprisco

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