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PRISM 54:2 WINTER 2016

“Reading Week” by Sharon Bala
“The city is uneven” by rob mclennan
“Guest Room” by Craig Takeuchi
“Karin Finally” by Alex Pugsley
“Glorious Kingdom” by Annie Reid
“Stories in Abstract” by Ben Merriman
“Untitled” by Barry Dempster

“In Considering Henry Kissinger” by Elizabeth Horneber

“La Traviata”, “Dissection” by Kim Fu
“It’s the Chicken Parable”, “I Am Bluebeard’s Wife”, “The Colour of Ash” by Amanda Paananen
“Again, I Insist I Don’t Want Ashes” by Mallory Imler Powell
“Open Your Other Heart To Me” by John F. Buckley
“Poppy”, “Solvitur Ambulando” by Joseph Kidney
“Phone” by Elizabeth Morton
“Wishbone” by Robert Nazarene
“The Oracle”, “Fallow”, “Head Full of Pink Glass” by Pamela Langevin
“Anecdotal Evidence for the Existence of God”, “Anecdotal Evidence Against the Existence of God” by Donovan McAbee
“Epilogue”, “Extremity” by Jami Macarty
“When For a Time I Loved Two Women” and “Captain Ahab and the Great Shroud of the Sea” by Matt Rader

“Don John” by Søren Solkær

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