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PRISM 52:3 SPRING 2014 (Non-Fiction Contest Issue)

PRISM 52:3 SPRING 2014 launches this week523store, and Spring’s in the air! Wherever you are, we hope your world’s lightening and brightening! To celebrate, grab the latest issue of PRISM and read a few tales of rebirth, growth, and lessons learned, featuring our Non-Fiction Contest winners and much more!

In “Reunion” the winning piece from our non-fiction contest, Re’Lynn Hansen uses an annual class reunion as a platform to explore aging, mortality, and the meaning of memory.

Rachel Rose’s poetry interweaves the sensuous world with wit and a tender, intensive mental acuity: “White Lilies” unravels the hard blossom of epiphany, while “Virtuoso” explores the ironies of talent, fame, and shame.

Miranda Pearson’s “A Walk in the Park” navigates the emotional landscape of grief and life after death. “We are learning about leaving;” she writes, “about holding on. How the body / is a new sort of friend, flawed, / unreliable.”

“Almost-Home” details Julia Zarankin’s complex feelings about the Russian city where she lived as a young child before her family immigrated to Canada. Continue reading PRISM 52:3 SPRING 2014 (Non-Fiction Contest Issue)

How Winning PRISM’s Non-fiction Contest Helped Madeline Sonik

at tableIt’s official: There’s now less than a month to go before the deadline for PRISM‘s creative non-fiction contest! You’ve got a little over three weeks to put the final polish on your work, be it stranger than fiction or straight from the hip.

Writer Madeline Sonik won the non-fiction contest for her essay “Fetters,” which was published in the Spring 2010 issue. PRISM caught up with Sonik recently to ask how the award helped her writing and what she’s currently working on.

When you won PRISM‘s non-fiction contest, you had already published six books and won an Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction. How did winning this contest impact your work and how it is received?

I’d actually only published four books before I won PRISM’s non-fiction contest, and I have to say that the win had a profound impact on my writing. I’d been working on the collection, Afflictions & Departures, for years. It was the PRISM win that gave me the final rush of motivation to complete the project. It also motivated me to complete The Book of Changes, a largely autobiographical poetry collection I’d also been working on. Afflictions & Departures was published in 2011 and The Book of Changes was published last year.

Continue reading How Winning PRISM’s Non-fiction Contest Helped Madeline Sonik