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Giving Birth to Poems: A Review of Rob Taylor’s The News

The News
Rob Taylor
Gaspereau Press,  2016

Review by Steven Brown

It’s a brave thing to do, forging a plan to write a poem a week during your wife’s pregnancy when the subject of these poems will be your wife’s pregnancy.  The poet can’t guarantee what’s going to happen because anything might happen.  Life is fragile. And a bit of a gamble.

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Review of Life Is About Losing Everything by Lynn Crosbie


Life Is About Losing Everything by Lynn Crosbie
Anansi, 2012
348 pages
reviewed by Jennifer Spruit

Lynn Crosbie’s latest book took me down into everything I don’t want to have to think too hard about and exploded it into a kaleidoscope, its small beautiful pieces jostling with each other and shifting to make magic. The narrative is subtle – the bliss of youth when everything was whole against a pop culture that tells us the middle-aged are irrelevant – and follows the author through disastrous loves and drug addiction and into something more than that. While there is a danger of this book catering to the mad artist trope, it in no way diminishes the effect. This book is profoundly about feeling, about the ability to sit still with emotions and moments that could crush us and face them strong.

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REVIEW: A Very Minor Prophet

A Very Minor Prophet
by James Bernard Frost
Hawthorne Books, 2012

Reviewed by Emily Walker

Forget Portlandia—Portlanders have a mantra that informs their actions and activities everyday; KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD. James Bernard Frost’s novel, A Very Minor Prophet, will satisfy the bike-riding, zine reading, Stumptown coffee loving, PBR drinking, subculture that Portlandia has exposed to the masses, but it does something much more important. It shows what Portland is like when Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen aren’t spoofing its hipsters. It shows the real Portland and it’s weirder than even IFC could imagine. Continue reading REVIEW: A Very Minor Prophet

REVIEW: Girlwood

Girlwood By Jennifer Still Brick Books, 2011 Reviewed by Leah Horlick I first encountered Jennifer Still’s nest as a chapbook released by JackPine Press in 2010. Enveloped in a macrame and cross-stitched pouch crafted from 1970s upholstery, Still’s poems...