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We’ve had the honour of publishing so many outstanding pieces of writing in the past year. We’re pleased to announce that the following authors and their pieces from recent issues of PRISM have been forwarded to the National Magazine Awards competition.

(Essays) Danny Jacobs – Ghostly Transmissions from John. D. Rockefeller

(Essays) Victoria Young – How to Give a Passive-Aggressive Handjob

(Fiction) Richard Kelly Kemick – Bereavement Tax Credit

(Fiction) Jessica Westhead – Things Not to Do

(Fiction) Alex Pugsley – Karin Finally

(Fiction) Andrew F. Sullivan – Pelican

(Poetry) Kim Fu – La Traviata

(Poetry) Warren Heiti – Song

(Poetry) Stephanie Warner – Post Ta Ta Creek-ism

(Poetry) Renée Jackson-Harper – (Re)Orchards: Workshirts or Eden

(Poetry) John Wall Barger – Last Words of the Old Man with the Photographic Memory

(Poetry) Laura Farina – The Wind

Best of luck to the above writers in this year’s competition! The final nominees in all categories, as chosen by the adjudicators, will be announced on April 20th, 2017.