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We are so pleased to announce Alicia Elliott as our Annual Nonfiction Contest judge!


Alicia Elliott (@WordsandGuitar) is a Tuscarora writer living in Brantford, Ontario, where she worries she may one day die. Her writing has been widely published – most recently by Room, Maisonneuve, Grain, The New Quarterly and The Malahat Review. She has a monthly column with CBC Arts, and her essay “A Mind Spread Out on the Ground” won Gold for the 2017 National Magazine Award. She’s currently working on a collection of short stories and dealing with the fact that her only daughter is nearly a teenager.

Recently, Elliott wrote a stunning piece of nonfiction, “On Seeing and Being Seen: The Difference Between Writing With Empathy and Writing With Love,” which was published in Room Magazine and explores (among many things) Indigenous authorship, problems in the CanLit community, and writing authentically with empathy and love.

The Nonfiction Contest is now open for submissions. Please read the full contest Rules and Regulations at the bottom of our Contests page, and submit via Submittable. Deadline is July 15, 2017.