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Prompt #4: Memory Box

Your memory keeps stories of different magnitudes: childhood birthday parties, first loves, sightseeing, hospitalization. Personal feelings and past experiences shape the way you remember events. Yet, the way a friend or family member remembers stories is often very different from your own. Different versions of the same story can help you piece things together, or it can challenge your perception entirely. What’s a story that someone remembered differently from you? Did that change the way you told it? Consider point of view in stories, and the different characteristics of the people who were present: does a person’s outlook shape the way they remember?

#14summerprompts is a summer writing initiative by Derrick Gravener, a BFA student in the Creative Writing Program at UBC. This summer he can be found dogsitting in suburbia and trying not to online shop. Follow the temptation on instagram: @derrickgravener.

(Photo: David Szauder)