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Jess Taylor – So Much Good Here: Notes on The Jacob Zilber Prize

Jacob Zilber Grand Prize Winner

Carol Matthews – The Boat, as it Happened

Jacob Zilber Prize Runners-Up

Adrick Brock – Chez Madame
Christine Miscione – The Water


Christine Estima – Discussion Questions for Your Book Club
John Stintzi – Notes for My Biography of Wade Owens
Carolyne Topdjian – They Come for Girls
Beasa Dukes – The Heart-Hum
Sam Shelstad – The Fiddler Murders


Cole Nowicki – Pride & Plockwurst


Sarah Blake and – The Sea Witch Moves to Land
Kimberly Quiogue Andrews – Why the Sea Witch Lives in Bones, The Sea Witch Comes Home after a Long Day
Natalie Wee – Women Who Do Not Forgive
JC Bouchard – I Am Well
Ben Rawluk – I Am Terrible at Kindness
Eleanor Stanford – My Sons Taught Me
John Emil Vincent – Let’s Talk About Your Novel
Craig Blais – Sonnet (With Language Etched into the Corner of a Train Window), Sonnet (While Driving Away from Disney World®)
Annick MacAskill – Vastberaden (Steadfast)
Mary Angelino – Playing Heads Up Seven Up
Geoffrey Morrison – Arthur Plush
Patrick Grace – Expo Line to King George
Erin Noteboom – Pavlovsk Station
Nathan Mader – Visiting the Farm
Merrill Lee Girardeau – Television, Letter to E.
Kayla Czaga – Michelle on Instagram, Money


Diego Valeri – Room 347
Translated by Laura Valeri