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PRISM 49.2 WINTER 2011


“Hanson and Greta” / “Eulogy” / “The Fundraiser” by Ron Koertge
“Dog” by Heather Campbell
from The Eighties: A Brief Primer by Michael Reid Busk
“Luck” by Phyllis Rudin
“Twilight-Night” by Pasha Malla
“Unpleasant Features of Our New Address” / “The Fourth Floor” by Bruce Holland Rogers
“Come Due” / “Wishes” by Ron Kesey
“Ten Sentimental Educations” by James Phelan
“Let Me Try Science” by D.W. Wilson

“Dear Ancient Predators” by Meghan L. Martin
Isotopia by Antony Di Nardo
“Radish Dreams” by Julie Cameron Gray
“Festival” / “The Long Gone College of Franconia” by Nick Thran
“The Collector” / “On Sleep” by Anne-Marie Turza
“Distance” / “Starting Over” by Barry Dempster
“Delivering Jam” / “My Baptism” by Chris Gilpin
“Nature of Fire” by Almeda Glenn Miller
“Everyday Adjustments” by Daniel Kincade Renton
“7/4 Gridline” by Bardia Sinaee
Realboys by Jennica Harper
“a sampling of things juxtaposed and cyclic” by Patrick Pilarski
“Not an Easy Thing for Ilych” by Susan Steudel
“Book of Kings” by Laura Clarke
from one or two things to consider by Nikki Reimer

“flying books (in formation)” by Linton Murphy

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