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We’ve been pretty busy here at PRISM international this past month. If we’re not busy with the 2016 Poetry and Fiction Contests, we’re writing grants for the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council, two organizations who graciously support us and make what we do here possible.

It’s also award season and we’re not just talking about the Oscars. Around this time that we get to submit our nominations for the National Magazine Awards. It was a very difficult decision this year since we’re lucky to have published some truly excellent writing by talented emerging and established writers. Below is our list of twelve nominations. Winners will be announced in the beginning of May, so we sure to stay tuned!

Personal Journalism

Carleigh Baker – “Dinner with the Vittrekwas”

Trevor Corkum – “Articles of Faith”

Diane Bracuk – “Doughnut Eaters”


Jon Paul Fiorentino – “Jonny Did Not Want to Participate in the Panel”


Jessica Block – “Robin and Doug” (Fiction)

Amanda Leduc – “Graduation” (Fiction)


Dani Couture – “Black Sea Nettle” (poem)

Nora Gould –3 poems from “Joy, breathe” (suite of poems)

Aislinn Hunter – “Hummingbirds, Unlabelled,” “Northwestern Salamander Eggs Preserved in a Jar,” “Central American Squirrel Monkey, Male Skeleton Dated Oct. 5th 1951, from the Suffield Experimental Station, Alberta” from “I Came to See the Beautiful Things: Poems from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum Collection” (suite of poems)

Jessie Jones – “Morning Bells are Ringing” (poem)

Vincent Pagé – “Why Don’t I” (poem)

Laurelyn Whitt – “Tar Songs: Maestro”