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Prompt #9: Uncorking

While sitting around a table with friends, we often open up over food, wine, or simply the feeling of genuine connections. This is the process of uncorking: getting to know others, and opening up ourselves. Over time, we tell big stories, public stories (the ones with the best one-liners), small stories. And then we reach the aside stories, the stories that are not enough to fill an entire glass, but that come from the same bottle, the ones that add depth and background to the bigger stories. What is one of the smaller stories you remember from your past? Something that led to a bigger action or event. Something that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

#14summerprompts is a summer writing initiative by Derrick Gravener, a BFA student in the Creative Writing Program at UBC. This summer he can be found trying to steal family baking recipes. Follow the knock-offs on instagram: @derrickgravener.

(Photo: Jonas Gerard)